The debut album release from EKYNOXX could be described as “a modern concept album”. It presents a vision of the future from a number of points of view: the first is a vision of the future as seen from the past, the second is a vision of the future as seen from the present and the third and final one is a vision of the future as seen from the future, because – paradoxically – the moment that we are currently experiencing is already in the past and the next moment is in the future. The instants in our lives are like interlocking links in a chain: the past, present and future are interconnected and ceaselessly slide through time.


This concept is conveyed in the track RetroFuture, with a quote by the 20th century English writer George Orwell: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”


Other matters covered by the lyrics include conspiracy theories and chemtrails. Black Rain is an atmospheric track that envisages the dawn of the first day after the destruction of the Earth. The apocalyptic post-atomic vision is highly evocative of how the future was pictured in the past. It presents worrying, tragic prospects that still seem possible today, but it also manages to offer messages of love and hope.


Among the many topics discussed in this debut album, there is a look at feelings and emotions as seen through the eyes of an android who is much more human than humans themselves.


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